About us

Our story began when Covid Started in a small studio in the middle of nowhere. With only one desk and next to no free time, our brand was born. 

Our passion for Anime has been with us throughout our lives and have been a part of us. So we thought to ourselves, why not make make an Anime Store, made by fans, for the fans? Then Manhwa Manga Merch started its journey!

Our products bring together the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality,  and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy is what we aim for. 

We design colorful, creative, and inspired by Anime, Manhwa, Manga, Manhua products, that have become a part of our life, albeit them being a fiction of someones imagination. 

Each product represents what we love about the characters that inspired and taught us something about life. We hope they’ll inspire you too!

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What should I do if I want to order?

We make your purchases as easy as possible. Jut simply follow these steps.

  1. Select the desired product(s) 
  2. Click on "add to cart". 
  3. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner (your "shopping cart") to complete your purchases .
  4. Add Shipping Details and Payment info and you are set to go!

Can I order by phone?

Yes, You can order via your Phone, Tablet or Pc.

I have questions about the product or want to change (color, size, size, price ...) what to do?

You can reach out to us on our "Contact Us" section of our Menu or email us directly at info@manhwamanga-merch.com

Why did I receive a cancellation / out of stock notification after I successfully placed an order?

Due to the popularity of our Merchandises there may be instances where the said product is unavailble or out of stock. We will completely refund your order and notify you personally.

How to put multiple products into the same order?

You can pick out products and add them to a Wishlist and directly Add them to Cart. Manhwa Manga Merch's System brings the Customers satisfaction as a first priority, so we have installed multiple apps that enable you shop with ease.

I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel the order within 1-3 days time on the date you have ordered by contacting us via email at info@manhwamanga-merch.com

What forms of payment does the shop have?

Your security is our priority: our site only offers secure and guaranteed payment methods that are safe. We accept: Credit cards Debit cards Our online payment services: Paypal* 

PayPal - As a banking institution within the European Union, PayPal offers you more than 10 years of experience in secure online payments. It is simple, fast, free and recognized worldwide for its effectiveness.

Can I Track my Package?

You can follow your Package's track by checking out our Track Order Button located the Menu of our store.

How Much Does Delivery Cost?

Manhwa Manga Merch offers you a Free Shipping Service on every item on our Shop. Free Shipping also applies in addresses anywhere in the world. There is no minimum amount needed to spend for you to be eligible for free shipping.

How to use discount codes?

You will be able to use your codes after Cheking Out. 

Is my Payment information secure?

Yes ! The "HTTPS" in the URLs of our shop testifies to the quality of our services. HTTPS is the variant of "http" secured by the use of SSL/TLS protocols. HTTPS is used to protect the financial transactions of merchant sites. As an e-merchant, we are aware that the use of SSL is nowadays becoming essential. This is the best way to protect your data and protect yourself against hackers or identity theft. Visually, The SSL certificate is represented by a padlock that appears in the url bar of the web browser. It is also represented by an "s" which means "secure" and is added to the "http" protocol on the website in the address bar.

Can I cumulate codes?

No. Unless on exceptional cases, we only accept one Discount Code per order.

Why Manhwa Manga Merch?

Reason why you should Shop with us.
Secure Payment
Our Site uses SSL/TLS Protocols that ensures your payment information is secured! 

Your bank details or credit card details will under no circumstances be communicated to us. All payments are protected by our 128-bit SSL encrypted payment processor.
Fre Shipping on Any Orders Worldwide!
To Ensure that Every Fan of any Anime Merch you acquired is satisfied, we Deliver your products at our expense and even give Free Gifts depending on your purchase!
24/7 Customer Service
Your satisfaction is our priority. We ensure you that all emails and inquiries sent to info@manhwamanga-merch.com is answered within the minimum amount of time.
Money Back Guarantee
We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the span of 40-50 days.

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