Will Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Be Released This 2021?

Will Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Be Released This 2021?


Hunter x Hunter remains to one of the most popular and iconic Anime of all times despite the long hiatus. It is one of the series that every fan or enthusiasts are looking for a big comeback but due to the Author Yoshihiro Togashi's health problem, which is noted to be far from being a moderate one and continues to hinder the progress of the series. 

There is still no actual confirmation when Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will be released. There are some rumours that it will be this January 2021 but due to the Pandemic it has been moved again to a later date. So here are what we know so far from the Anime Series and if Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will be released this 2021!

Hunter x Hunter Release Date 2021

Hunter x Hunter Summary

The story focuses on a boy named Gon Freecs, the protagonist of the story discovers that he had left him at a young age and is actually a renowned Hunter a licensed profession for those who specialize in, but are not limited to, fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals.


Hunter x Hunter Job

Gon Freecs sets out on a journey to find his long lost father and follows on his footsteps to pass the nefarious Hunter Exam. He eventually meets new friends with different motives and goals with the main casts Kurapika, Leorio and Killua along the way.

Hunter x Hunter on Hiatus

After making a short comeback of releasing 20 Manga Chapters at the year 2018, it has taken another long hiatus up till this date December, 16, 2020.

Hiatus Chart of Author's Work Submitted to Shounen Jump  Weekly:

Hunter x Hunter Hiatus Chart

Hunter x Hunter Hiatus

Since 2006, Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus far more often than it hasn't. That year, the series appeared in only four of Weekly Shonen Jump's 48 issues, and that pretty much set the tone of sporadic new installments that readers have seen ever since. The previous record for the longest gap between issues came between June 2014 and April 2016, which kicked off only three months after another two-year hiatus. As of this writing, there hasn't been a new installment since December 2020. If you're more of a visual learner, the chart above visually describes what that looks like in an extremely detailed collection of graphs with a color scheme that, if you're anything like us, will make you crave a Domino's Pizza.

Hunter x Hunter Merchandise

Hunter x Hunter Author Interview

Earlier this year, Hunter x Hunter broke a record of its own where its hiatus is concerned. The manga is on its longest hiatus ever at the moment, and there are some fans who weren't very pleased by the news. That is why the fandom is taking time to remember why Hunter x Hunter is even on hiatus, and that means revisiting some of its creator's most distressing author notes to date and his last official interview with Shounen Jump fully translated below.

Tagashi's Interview Translated by: Veracious Cake

"Yoshihiro Togashi is an author who has always set his sights on 'how a writer should be', and has continued creating his works strategically. Yu Yu Hakusho, his big hit that took the Jump world by storm in the 90s, was written from the very start to evolve from a 'heartwarming story' to a 'battle manga'. His next project, Level E, was where he displayed a different side of himself to his readers -- he subverted the image he had created with Yu Yu Hakusho, and developed a work of science fiction with an incredible story potential.
And then in 1998, he created Hunter X Hunter, which is still going strong even today.
"This might be an unpleasant way to put it, but back then I thought that my next work should aim to 'hit' since I was writing for Jump and all. I had been watching readers' polls closely since the latter half of Yu Yu Hakusho's serialization. I was looking at not only my own standings, but also at things like who's number one right now with what kind of story, etc. Analyzing everything, I concluded that the popular works were about sports or battles -- stuff where there were clear winners and losers. Then I thought that if I was going to write something next, it had to be a battle manga after all."
And thus Hunter X Hunter was conceived, and while a straightforward battle manga, it is also a work that fully exhibits Togashi's trademark ability to inspire his readers to hyperanalyze. The protagonist Gon, for example, looks deceptively cute but has absolutely no hesitation to battle. He is a unique character that can convey even a feeling of infinite 'fearsomeness'.
"At first, I wanted to make Gon a good boy that would dominate the polls for 'characters you want to have as a son'. But as soon as the serialization began... or rather, as soon as I started writing my draft, I felt like that wasn't quite it. A boy who proclaimed that he would abandon his foster mother to become a Hunter isn't quite a good son, is he? I started thinking, 'This is one really crazy kid' (lol). But I thought it couldn't be helped that he would behave that way, as he was in turn the son of a father who did indeed abandon his child to become a Hunter. To me, he was a natural character."
He said that having a 'crazy kid' as protagonist was in line with the story's direction.
"If I had made my protagonist a 'right proper lad' and drawn a battle manga with it, it would have raised complications when he had to duke it out. That per se would have made for a fun story to write, but I thought that wasn't where I wanted to go with this story. I did not want to alienate my readers who would read for the fights. Thanks to making a 'crazy kid' like Gon the protagonist, I was able to write battles without having to depict moral conflicts within the character."
There are still things left that I would enjoy writing
"Basically, I am doing it my way."
Togashi's stance on his current serialization is that it is both a strict challenge and somewhat fun.
"From an outsider's perspective, the series I'm writing right now might look like it's a serious chore, but personally I am enjoying it very much. When I was younger, I used to be barred from doing things I'd really have liked to. Now I finally get to do stuff that I enjoy."
He also wants to 'exact his revenge' with stories he could not really draw in his youth.
"I am talking about romantic comedies (lol). But well, I am too old to write for that genre, and besides, I also think it would be best if I left the drawing to another person. Just as the manga last year for which I only wrote the script (Akuten Wars, illustrated by Hachi Mizuno), if having another person draw the pictures makes for a better work of art, I have absolutely no objections to it. I also thought that I would have liked a more realistic artstyle to go with Level E anyway. Depending on the genre, I really think that I can legit just be the scriptwriter."
Hunter x Hunter Merch
Imagine the characteristic worldbuilding that only Togashi can do, brought to life by an artist who can best realize its potential. The day where we can see one such work after another might not be too far away.
"Still, that aside, I need to finish writing Hunter X Hunter. It has come to a point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens (lol). But I do intend to finish it. Although you can say that at one point in the story -- where Gon meets Ging -- I have completed the story once. I believe that some readers must have thought 'Wasn't that supposed to be the endgame?' and I did write it to seem that way. Still, I did not intend to cut off the flow of the story there, and I hope my readers could see that there was still room for continuation. As a reader of Jump myself, I also remember having thought 'Shouldn't this manga have just ended here?' and feeling pissed when it went on and on. I want to always be in touch with that feeling as a reader. But Hunter X Hunter as it is now has a lot in it that makes me want to keep on reading, even from my own perspective as a reader. And from my perspective as a writer, there are still many things in it left that I want to write, that I would enjoy writing. And so if anyone would be willing to enjoy this ride with me, that is all I can hope for."
Hunter x Hunter Release Date
He also some seriously disturbing Author Notes on some of his works like:
"The joy of being able to sit on the toilet or in a chair. The interesting thing about the body is that it won't poop when you're bedridden," Togashi wrote in one note as he described the small freedoms one enjoys when they are ordered to
However, our legendary author Tagashi has expressed his extreme commitment in finishing Hunter X Hunter, which he treats as his baby. This author does not want to disappoint his audience which even reportedly asked his wife Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailormoon) to complete Hunter X Hunter if he dies.

Hunter x Hunter 2021 Release Date 

Fans shouldn't worry though, since it is completely normal for anime series' to take long gaps before releasing new seasons, albeit this one is a rare case of such.

We will keep you updated on the latest developments on the seventh season of Hunter X Hunter, Anime enthusiasts!

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